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About Us


Football IQ Academy was founded in 2011 by Caleb De Souza and Frank Cazabon and since the beginning the Academy has inspired many young players in their pursuit of football through dedication and determination while never sacrificing the joy of playing the game.

Based on a player-centred philosophy and through a method of teaching and positive mentorship the Academy has grown significantly over the past few years. The Academy continues to expand and evolve to bring the best football programs to its community by providing numerous indoor and outdoor football activities such as recreational programs, camps both local and foreign, coach training, and specialized training.

The centre of all our work is on the kids, they will train not only in football, but also, through a method of teaching and positive mentorship which will help them to grow in personality and values that will not only make them better players but also great people! 

Goal: Become one of the top youth development programs in the Caribbean.

Focus: Develop players to their full potential and consistently place players on youth national teams, collegiate programs (USA), and ultimately local and international professional teams. 

Emphasis: Individual player development by providing a professional environment which promotes learning and helps equips our players with the skills and character to succeed both in football and life.

Community Outreach:  Activities to support and mentor disadvantaged youth in the St. John's community in order to reduce juvenile delinquency, violence and drug use.  

Our Programs:   
Youth Coaching Clinic | Personal Coaching | After School FootballVacation Camps | International Tours & Camps
Trinidad & Tobago Rush - Partnership with Rush Soccer (USA)

Football IQ Academy - Developmental Model/Structure
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Everything starts with the person; players learn differently and develop at different times. One cannot help their team, or be an elite player, if they do not possess the passion, determination, and social skills to tackle the challenges that life and football present. Therefore it is paramount to our success as an Academy to foster these personality traits in our players.

Our programs are developed with these elements in mind, which stimulate personal growth and foster the right mindset resulting in a well-rounded education for a lifetime of success. 

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