My Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy - Technical Director Caleb De Souza

teach.jpg As the final whistle blew, I looked up at the stadium scoreboard...1-0, we had just lost the final game of the regional playoffs for the 1997 NCAA tournament.  This was my freshman year at a the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). We had just completed our best season 15-2-1 but I wasn’t satisfied. Why did we lose the game? What could we have done differently?

Our Assistant Coach with whom I had developed a close relationship came up to me and said “one day you will be a fine coach”. Maybe it was my analytical mind or my ability to read into the game, but I always enjoyed having deep tactical conversations with my teammates and coaches.

I loved playing and coaching football, but most rewarding was developing the players around me.  Initially I believed that coaching was mainly about teaching the technical and tactical aspects of the game, but I soon discovered that it was about Developing Players For Life!

I’m a Coach because:
My main goals are to:
  1. Teach players how to play football the right way
  2. Guide and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential
Guiding Principles:


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