Tips for Parents


Parents have an enormous role in providing positive support and encouragement to all the players in the program. Additionally, parents must be committed to the following:

How to Be Supportive Parents

  • Give consistent encouragement and support to their children regardless of the degree of success. Praise their children effort! 
  • Stress the importance of respect for coaches and teammates. 
  • Serve as role models, see the “big picture” and support all programs and all players.
  • Leave coaching to coaches and do not criticize coaching strategies or team performance.
The greatest gift that you can give to your children throughout their sporting involvement is support and acceptance.

Respect - A Sideline Guide For Parents

The English Premier League Football Association has posted a funny video and some great recommendations on how parents can improve conduct on the sidelines, promote positive role models, and keep children in the game. After all, youth soccer is for the kids!

Check-out the video and all the Tips online

Tips for Players 

Children play football to have fun, to learn and develop a passion for the game as well as to improve their skills. Players have a responsibility to their team, coaches, communities and school. Players must maintain a high level of sportsmanship, discipline and positive attitude.

Players should:

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