Our Approach to Player Development

Football IQ Academy offers a wide range of football programs for individuals and small groups. However, we share one common philosophy – To Develop Players For Life!  The key objective is to encourage good individual and team play and to ensure that the training environment is a place of learning, fun, controlled competition, and education.

The philosophy of our coaching is based on the development of learning through a comprehensive training system, which involves resolving technical and tactical situations through game play.  This approach emphasizes the importance of decision making in sport, thus contributing to the maturation and personal autonomy of students.

Our main motivation is to develop the students’ technical and tactical skills in football while integrating the student in an active and healthy environment, resulting in their growth as a person and as an athlete.

Key Objectives: 

Program Structure

Program.pngFootball IQ Academy's program is structured to serve the needs of all participants in a manner that is age/ability appropriate, progressive and comprehensive.

The aim is to develop player’s ability as both an individual and part of a structured team, within this model players will develop progressively in four key areas:

  1. Technically – Improved ability to perform technical aspects (passing, ball control, shooting, etc.
  2. Tactically – Improved understanding of the game and the decisions they make within it
  3. Physically – Improve players ability to perform football related actions and movements 
  4. Psychologically – Improve players mindset and focus to deal with sports and challenges
  5. Socially - Improve players interpersonal skills and character development  

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